This is a collection of videos that I have worked on doing camera work, directing, producing or editing.

Alaia speed test

John McCarthy of theBOMBsurf Speed Testing the Alaia in South Africa at Supertubes, Jeffrey's Bay. This was shot very early on a good morning with quite a small camcorder. In one of the panned shots you can see my still camera lens.

Afrika Film - Trailer

A film by Ricardo de Oliveira & Thomas Mulcaire featuring Brazilian surfers Cassio Sanchez, Fernando Fanta, James Santos and Mario Massarelli on a road trip through Mozambique and South Africa during the 2010 World Cup, paying their respects to Samora Machel, the Class of '76 and Nelson Mandela along the way, with guest appearances by Bruce Gold, Derek Hynd, and the Umzumbe crew - Khayelihle Ngcobo, Bright Ntuli and Mbongeni Hlengwa. Original score by Shelby Gaines and Firstborn. Music by Bailterspace, David Marks, Eliza Callahan. Cinematography by Pablo Aguiar, Justin Healy, Ricardo Carioba, Mauricio Granado, Bobby de Beer, Paul van Jaarsveld. Screenplay by Ricardo de Oliveira, Thomas Mulcaire, Thaddeus Taylor o'Neil. Edited by Duco Coops.


This is only the trailer. The full film was aired on Vice Brazil, MTV Brazil and also shown on the Wavescape Film Festival and the New York Film Festival. I did some camera work in and around Jeffreys Bay, in the water and out of the water and introduced the team to Bruce Gold and the whole Anti Nuclear Campaign.



Melting Ice Surfboard

This was part of the Wavescape Film Festival in Capetown. I was the time lapse photographer, and I had to take a time lapse of the surfboard as it melted over a period of 20 hours. I had to literally sit and watch it melt and make sure the camera fired and change the battery at the right time. My camera was nearly stolen out of my car boot in Capetown on this trip and I grabbed it out of the hands of a Bergie. The Ice Board shortie was selected for 2011 New York Surf Festival and went on to win the Eco Manna Award at the 2009 Californian Surf Film Festival held in Oceanside CA.
(I don't personally agree with the global warming stance, due to several scientific studies that disprove it completely and there are thousands of scientists that share my view.)

God's hands and feet promo

When I arrived in Jeffreys Bay, my first assignment at Deo Doxa AFM was to make a promo video for a project called God's Hands and Feet. I was basically handed a camera and taken to the site. I like what these guys are doing because it depicts a relevant Church that is not into religion but rather into practical Christianity. The upload quality is bad, but it was shot in Standard Def on Mini DV. I need to look around to see if I don't have a better quality video.


Victory Gap Year Orientation

In 2010 I went along on the Victory Gap Year orientation. This is basically an army boot camp, without the guns. I made a full length DVD movie with 10 chapters and a complete menu system. I covered the full 10 days with both my Nikon D3 and a Standard Def Mini DV Sony handycam. This included walking long distances, camping, crawling in an underground tunnel and even taking some water based footage. To cover my costs, DVDs were sold to the students. This video is a short trailer I had to show the evening after orientation ended.



Water Based video experiment

I tested a camcorder in my regular SLR housing and made a quick video of some of the shots. Also added some of my own photos and it all goes down to the tune of Ken Tamplin.

Big Mo Promo

A video I produced, shot and edited in conjunction with the Christian Youth of Jeffreys Bay, South Africa. We distributed it to school kids via mobile video with bluetooth and it went viral in a short time. As a result, the turnout for the event was quite big considering the short time we had to advertise it.